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I’m a writer and coach and my mission is to help you create more joy in your life.

I like to write (and talk) about:

– Law of Attraction
– Hypnosis
– Minimalism
– Getting better sleep

Let’s learn how to improve our minds and attract more of what we want.

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“Having Izad as my coach definitely changed the way I see life and he absolutely set my mind into a better and positive path within myself. I would like to thank Izad for teaching me that it takes time to be great and showing me that adversities are not something I should fear about.”

-Syah Fahmi, Designer and Creative Director

After taking the workshop conducted by Izad, the best thing that I learned was to accelerate my “tempo” in manifesting more positive opportunities in life faster and sharper.

-Melvz Ho, Musician, Theatre Performer and Reiki Therapist


Current Location: Kuala Lumpur

Main Topics: law of attraction, hypnosis, minimalism, and getting better sleep

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